Schools must transform how they deliver the experience and purpose of learning, if we are going to meet the demands of the changing the world. The invention of the world wide web in 1990 and the arrival of one planet with no boundaries, referred to […]

Change schools, change world

In a rapidly emerging “post truth” society, that’s returning us all to the “dark times” of the 1930’s, its time schools ( institutions enshrined in social law) started facilitating equality with the uncomfortable truth. Your not going to die of […]

Truth creates equality

  Join us at the RSA Fellowship Bristol Network. You don’t have to be an RSA fellow to be a change maker. Its free, inclusive and very informal. The RSA Fellowship in Bristol takes a very human approach to networking. The RSA Fellowship […]

Meet RSA Change Makers

Join me for an evening at RSA which lets watch together and discuss the ideas and concepts raised. We call this ‘social watching’. This event takes place in the inspirational setting of Hawkwood, the Centre for Future Thinking. Its a free […]

Want more from life?

As you may know, I too have had to find an alternate way to live a meaningful and positive life with insightful pain and suffering caused by ME/CFS. Check out Jennifer Brea’s inspiring Ted Talk about becoming progressively ill with […]

Living with Chronic Illness

Start your week with a new perspective Be my guest at the membership-only Engine Shed and meet me any Monday morning just by booking a 30 min slot via the contact page here. Booking times 10:30-11:00, 11:00 – 11:30 – 11:30 -12:00, […]

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