Journey to Justice

Professor Madge Dresser FRSA is bringing history to life as curator of ‘journey to justice’.

Madge Dresser Journey to Justice curator

The journey-to-justice features Bristols 300-year-old history of social justice campaigning. There are lots of events, exhibitions and workshops across the city to inspire a passion for our
human rights movements past and present.

Madge, now Honorary Professor in Social and Cultural British History at the University of Bristol and Senior Research Fellow at UWE, has 40-year interest in the civil rights movement. Her project on ethnic minorities in Bristol for Heritage Lottery Fund in 2005-2007, and her ongoing work on slavery, race, and popular memory in Bristol is just the tip of the iceberg. Madge’s Journey to Justice project in Bristol brings to life a fascinating and pertinent timeline of Bristol’s vibrant history of activism which includes over 35 events throughout the city during October 2017.

Many events are free and some charge small amounts with concessions rates available. I can’t recommend these events enough.

Click here to go to the Journey to Justice Bristol site 

Madge is a TEDxBristol Speaker on Nov 3, 2017.

For TEDxBristol she will be reflecting on recent events in the U.S and the UK where complex and emotive narratives surrounding racial equality and white supremacist ideologies have dominated news headlines, social media feeds and on-street activism.

She’ll be examining what Charlottesville and the ‘statue’ controversies proliferating across the globe tell us about our understanding of our past and our present. And in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic global community, how can we reconcile some of the deep divides and opinions that are now emerging and colliding?

I dare to disrupt because …

“I question the way too many people are not talking honestly about race, class & social justice in America & Britain – especially in the social media”.

Madge’s publications include:

Black and White on the Buses: the campaign against the colour bar in Bristol in 1963 ( 1987, 2007,2016), Slavery Obscured: the Social History of the Slave Trade in Bristol (2001, 2007, 2016),’Set in Stone? Statues and Slavery in London’, History Workshop Journal  (Autumn 2007),Ethnic Minorities and the City:Bristol 1000-2000 (with Peter Fleming), (2017), ‘Remembering Slavery and Abolition in Bristol’,  Slavery & Abolition, (June 2009)‘The Slavery and the British Country House (co-edited with Andrew Hann) (2013),Women and the City: Bristol 1373-2000 (2016)

Other sites involving Madge’s work: