Nature Mindset

Develop a Nature Mindset to enhance welling. We have become building bound humans, spending far too much of the day in schools, offices and homes. This inhibits our energy for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Seeing the woods for the trees has a bold yet simple purpose: to support as many people as possible, throughout the UK, in creating regular, community woodland events, that get people of all ages to experience wellbeing and develop a nature mindset.

We need to facilitate more wild nature experiences to realise that we are not just part of nature, we humans are nature. This mindset change means that we are inseparable from the land, plants and wildlife around us. It is key to including nature in our lives. Being outside in the woods inspires sustainable ideas and actions that can promote long-term community action and wellbeing.

In September 2016 a small group of RSA fellows from the South West @RSA_SW put together a pilot event, a free family celebration at the Tortworth Arboretum in south Gloucestershire. The aim was to provide lots of practical opportunities to develop experiences and awareness of our interconnectedness with Nature.

Funded by the RSA, and hosted by the Tortworth Forest Centre,  and enthusiastic  team of volunteers and volunteer nature guides, provided simple opportunities for urban dwellers to see the natural environment in a new way – to see the woods for the trees!

The nature guides created a variety of uplifting and unique action walk and talk activities, that made being in the woods a real treasure trove for personal awareness, community enlightenment and developing a Nature Mindset!.

Our nature guides at Tortworth Arboretum Sept 2016 :

Bec Cork FRSA is founder of the Tortworth Forest Centre. She manages the woodland with the help of volunteers. She curates events to encourage people into the woods. Her internship programme for adults in recovery from addiction, focus on mental & physical wellbeing. Bec talked about their life changing work in nature.

Jackie Roby FRSA is the founder of Go Wild, and works with children, adults and young people in the South West. She uses specialised Forest School skills, outdoor learning, environmental education, nature awareness and bushcraft to help people connect with nature. Jackie ran a session focusing on mindfulness in the woods.

Chris Sperring MBE is a professional wildlife conservationist, TV & radio presenter & broadcaster, lecturer & writer. His acute instincts coupled with unparalleled knowledge of the sights and sounds of the local wildlife brought being in the woods to life for those fortunate to journey on one of his tours.

Phil Dyer & Simon Penfold  ran this fun tree climbing experience designed for adults and kids. They effortlessly provided the professional kit & access to inner confidence to ensure everyone ascend into the leafy canopy. This powerful experience ensured people where Seeing the woods from the trees perspective.

Alan Bec FRSA  work’s worldwide as organisational consultant, international speaker, facilitator, & coach. He is also RSA Fellowship Councillor for the SW & Project Lead for Seeing the Woods for the Trees. Alan lead a slow, silent “off piste” walk, Proving humans are not part of the environment, we are the environment.

Dr Alan Rayner FRSA is Natural historian, Chair of the Bath Natural History Society, Aurthor, photographer & Artist. He shared his passion and sheer joy in pointing out the patterns of life to be found everywhere in nature. His enthusiasm for Natural inclusion is highly infectious.

Here is just some of the feedback

“This event was absolutely fascinating. I was astounded when I saw through the hand lens, that there are 1.000’s of entire forests within the forest”.

“It was calming and enlightening, far beyond my expectations”

“My family’s experience today has really brought it home to me. I get it, it’s so important to have lots more opportunities just like this one”.

“We have loved it, its been very open, very relaxed, and we have been able to be ourselves in seeing the woods for the trees”.

“What excites me, is being able to get outside and naturally expand into the space”.

“It was great to see the kids happily disconnect from their devises”

“Yeah, it was really good, I got to climb that tree, and I got to see things from high up, I got to look closer, I felt less public and more secret, more special”.

Cooperation from woodland owners & collaboration from the community is all it takes to create a nature mindset for generations to come!

We want to develop Seeing the Woods for the Trees in 2017 as a community woodland event organising and facilitation service. To do that we want to collaborate with other like minded people, groups and organisations to help others create their own sustainable woodland community event space.

Support & Partner with us

We are looking for people who can volunteer their time, resources and humanity to help inspire the Nature Mindset Evolution!

Can you offer your local community a woodland space?
Could you sponsor your local community’s woodland space?
Do you have resources like tools, skills, time etc?

Please get in touch if you want to be part of the rapidly growing movement thats changing our relationship with nature and to wellbeing.


For more information and to get involved please contact Alan