Bodies in place time – World Premiere

Lavoslava Benčić curator, visual artist & innovator & Alan Bec explore place-time, where science meets art.

Bodies in place-time, questions our everyday assumptions about our relationship to time. Collaborators, Lavoslava Benčić, Slovenian curator and visual artist and Alan Bec, British psychology educator and time coach tackle the problem. Together, they boldly challenge the way we ‘read time’ by creating an installation that provokes exploration of our individual & collective ‘body clock’s’.

Lavoslava has created an exciting art project inspired by Alan’s Wellbeing Indicator Badge (WIB) research talk in 2016 at the International Time Perspective Conference in Copenhagen. By using a creative media based method, known as ‘Sonification’, Lavoslava re-represents Alan’s WIB data as sound. The result is an interactive installation that immerses spectators in temporal, auditory, visual and spatial experience. A place which facilitates and explores new perceptions of the past and present.

“Spectators will find themselves transported to somewhere beyond the past and present with no sense of the future!”

The psychology of place time has been made easy to understand and fun to explore. By inviting spectators to move around in the art, they can become more aware of the impact that place time holds. The installation generates sound frequencies that the spectators’ bodies create representing the present, while the WIB data represents the past.  Lavoslava & Alan are both very keen to know “how bodies in place-time can nudge familiar and new somatic experiences”. What temporal feelings and thoughts will turn up in spectators minds? Can they connect with the ill patient? How easy is it to share experiences with others within this space? Will spectators introspect or interact? How much time will spectators spend in this space?

Come and find out for yourselves from the leading international Time Perspective Network – science in action!

The world premiere of this Time Perspective art installation is being celebrated at the 4th International Conference on Time Perspective, Université de Nantes, Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France August 27 -31 2018. More information about what’s on at the conference will be available soon. Day tickets are available so you can make the most of your visit.










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