Reality Check Coaching and Group Development Service 

Reality Check is empowering people to make society inclusive for everyone, by developing mindsets for sustainable behaviours, wellbeing and purposeful future’s.

Empowering people is at the heart of all transformation.  The shift we all face is to long term, open,  and sustainable growth.

Empowering Individual Transformation

One-to-one coaching helps to understand your self-limiting, unconscious biases and deal effectively with redundant tacit rules.  Learn how to reality check your ideas, beliefs and future options.

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Empowering Organisational Transformation

Reality check the discretionary, often unconscious tacit rules and time biases.  Develop collaborative working and autonomous working based on purpose beyond profit.

Clients who have successfully worked with the organisational transformation programme have learnt to :

Develop a culture of social intelligence

Co-create eco-systems and internal market cells that make all aspects of the work process self organising

Develop a time culture thats fits with the business or organisations potential futures and  co-workers current lives

Everyone is a manager, establish regular “as and when” feedback opportunities.

Support insecure mid-career and close-to-retirement ‘blockers to change’.

Stop all oppressive tacit rules that inhibits, disempower and stress people, creativity and productivity.

look after every stake holder including the environment.

Change the boards composition and culture with the diversity of approaches and unity of passion in the workforce for the benefit of all.

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Your organisational learning, development and transformation matters.

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