New thinking that changes everything.  Today medical and social science is telling us that human beings are both individually, and collectively, interconnected ecosystems.

Neuroscience identifies the coupling between the electrochemical discharges exchanged between neurons and synapses, and links these images from our brain to our mind and behaviour. Our minds however are not located in our heads. Neuroscience does however confirm that our negatively or positively charged receptors and transmitters make us electromagnetic beings. individual Humans can be seen as a mass of cells that together as a group create a living ecosystem.

The external (ecological) and internal (biological) environments form a current that we call ‘mind’. Our thinking and behaviour is neither independent nor separate from our natural, social and psychological surroundings.

Human beings are connected beings!


Babies don’t just share the mother’s food, drink, blood and oxygen, at around 16 weeks the baby also shares the mother’s neural activity, knowledge, body movements, language, emotion and health.

Once born, although physically separated from the mother, the child is neither separate nor independent. The non-verbal, energetic bonds with the mother, and wider family, provide close physical contact. A safe atmosphere and a positive environment connect powerfully to wellbeing. In this climate of love and care, the child’s development has every chance to flourish.

Bringing children into the world and helping them mature into adulthood is nothing new – its ancient. What is now seen as ancient wisdom was then the science of the day.

Human beings are creative beings!

Looking back at artefacts from past civilisations, its clear to see we have always been symbolic interactionists. How we develop, learn to learn and teach have been communicated in creative and innovative ways – spoken language, written words, numbers, architecture, art, design, dance and body language. No matter what culture we are born into, each has its unique way

In ancient thinking, humans did not see themselves as energetically separate from the environment or each other. More recently, medical and social scientific thinking is now finding evidence to support what we have intuitively always known – we are the environment!

Thinking is a “thin king”. If we are not careful it can become a self – limiting, unconnected, biased perspective, which often ignores the reality of our choices, or the consequences of our behaviour and actions.

If we are serious about achieving our personal, collective and social goals, and meeting our true potential, it is essential to consider the social and environmental situations that we are trying to develop ourselves in.

Genuine growth and development involves creating our own meaningful lives and connecting future generations to sustainable behaviours. This responsible and accountable approach to learning is the basis of reality check consultancy’s services.

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