Time Tool

Time Management is no longer fit for purpose. Everyone has their own unique time behaviours. We need to know what these are by using the time-tool and collaborate by celebrating our differences and similarities.

Our 17 Century cultural notions of time as linear – past, present, future – is a convenient organising metaphor and social construction, that is no longer relevant to meet the huge challenges we now face socially, economically and environmentally.

Time is what we do.

Being conscious of the consequences of what we do with our energy transforms how we relate to our lives. Using the reality check time tool  – questionnaire, report and coaching/training programme, means you can have the time of your life!

Stop managing clock time – Start ‘being’ in place time.

This tool is available as an on-line questionnaire which draws on the culmination of 30 + years of valid and reliable, cross-cultural, scientific research across five continents. This tool was developed in collaboration with the world-leading social scientists in Time Perspective:

Philip G Zimbardo, Emeritus Professor Stanford University – USA
Dr Ilona Boniwell, Strategic Course leader for the International MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University and CEO of Positran – France
Dr Evgeny Osin, Senior Psychology Lecturer at Moscow State University – Higher School of Economics – Russia

The questionnaire has been carefully created to produce a report that gives accurate feedback across 5 time dimensions (Past Positive, Past Negative, Present Fatalism, Present Hedonism, Future) that effect your ability to:

1 Reality check your personal time biases
2 Assess the impact your time use has on you and others
3 Identify the situations & behaviours you need to change
4 Enhance your motivation, interaction and well-being
5 Balance your time perspectives – achieve your goals

The results from the report reveal your conscious and unconscious time behaviours, highlighting the difference between what you think you are doing and what you actually do. With this insightful information, the report also provides reality checking actions, which, when applied consciously, will increase your well being and remove the barriers to positive, flexible and highly effective working practices.

Be a responsive time collaborator

The reality check time programme will show you that you can start making time for your wellbeing, meaningful work, family time, health, friends, fun, creativity, spirituality, social responsibility and the environment.

This programme – questionnaire, report and 45 mins introductory online coaching is £175.00 Click here to take the questionnaire and get your report with essential insights into the way you relate to time!

Once you have read your report, book your online coaching session to review the feedback and get the support you need to put the results and actions into your world.

Group and organisational time coaching and time training is available upon request, contact us to find out how to analyse the need and how developing your board, department and  teams effectiveness with the very latest self-organising “Time Management” system for productive people, organisational well being, community & planet.

Alan would love the opportunity to talk to you about your transformation.