Rethinking Time Workshop

Rethinking Time Workshop – The latest Self-organising “Time Management” system for work, home, community & planet


Hawkwood’s Centre for Future Thinking  Saturday Oct 14 2017.

Clock Time is central to everything we do, individually and together, from cradle to grave.  If you think your managing your time, think again at this action packed workshop!

This ground-breaking, experiential workshop reveals the real impact and cost of your time management behaviours. Get equipped with your personalised time report and learn to identify which time behaviours matter. Improve your self-awareness as time, through facilitated group work. Focus on real-time interactions and relationship well-being. Balance your time perspective and achieve your goals.

“time is what we do”.

Alan Bec offers you a rare opportunity to explore your relationship with time. He is international speaker on Time Perspective & Well Being, Reality check Time tool co-creator, coach & facilitator, Fellowship Councillor for the RSA in the South West and naturally provides insightful fun learning.

How we relate to Time either inhibits or empowers your transformation.

Come together and share the simple yet profound insights highlighted in each others time reports. In an intimate group setting, you will discover how your culturally adopted concept of “clock-time” stresses your  well being and inhibits your true purpose in life.

Stop trying to manage clock time and start making time for who you really are.

* learn to identify which of your time biases support you and which ones to change.
* Improve your self-awareness of felt time.
* Interact with others in current time to increase collective well-being.
* Balance your time perspective and achieve your goals.
* Use time as the central piller for motivating your personal transformation
* Make different futures, because the world is changing

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The Hawkwood’s Centre for Future Thinking programme provides a beautiful space for people to come together to explore their own and society’s values, and to question and debate the future of a rapidly changing world.

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