The Wellbeing Indicator Badge (the wib®)

The wib® is a useful tool that improves communication and wellbeing for people working in Healthcare, Education and Work. Launched in Copenhagen at the International Conference on Time Perspective (ITCP) in Aug 2016, the WIB® was received enthusiastically and endorsed by psychology academics, healthcare professionals, educators and workplace trainers and coaches alike.

Watch the film to see how and why it works in Healthcare!

After becoming seriously ill, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as the result of a severe ear infection, Alan spent 4 years with fluctuating degrees of mobility, pain, and mind-fog. Depressed, frustrated, and fighting to come to terms with his life-changing condition, he had a dream. A dream that lead Alan to invent the wib®. It radically changed how he related to his ill-being and how others could relate to him. 2 years later the wib® is soon to become available to people who could really benefit from using this simple yet profound tool. He is still living with this debilitating disease but is much more able to flourish and improve his wellbeing when using the wib®.

On Nov 02 2017, Alan gave his talk about his ill-being and how talking in numbers improved his wellbeing whilst living with CFS.

Alan Bec is passionate about improving wellbeing for all! Watch Alan’s TEDxBristol talk about the wib® on Nov.  Using numbers, Alan dares to disrupt and change the way we relate to one another across four dimensions of wellbeing; Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The wib® can be used in many different day to day situations.  It’s not just for chronically ill people, doctors, teachers, employers, and families can benefit too!  The many advantages for patients, students, and workers wearing a wib® include improving self-awareness, attention, focus, motivation, learning,  communication, interaction, empathy, listening and compassion.

Trial the-wib® in your organisation and improve Healthcare, Education and Work.

Alan is looking for organisations, that want to trial the wib® so if your work is about improving wellbeing in the health, school or workplace sectors, then do get in touch.

“I fully endorse the wib®, and more people should be using it”

Says Dr Phillip Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology, Emeritus Stanford University USA.

“what do you mean by a 4 or a 6? the wib®, is brilliant”

Says Dr Sheldon Solomon, Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College USA.

“The Wib help’s me to know how to pitch our consultations and better informs me on how well you will function. I believe the wib has useful applications for many chronic fluctuating conditions and should be helpful to patients, families, cares and clinicians”.

Says Dr Peter Goyder, General Practioner. Air Ballon Surgery Bristol UK.

On the new website there is a new documentary by Owen Nutkins @nutkinsO. It’s about his behind the scenes perspective of the-wib.

On the new website you will be able to sign up for crowdfunding for the-wib available late Feb 2018.  If you are interested in pledging to bring this idea to reality, please tweet @alanbec  #iwantawib and we will send you the link when its available.



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